How does the Student Challenge Board work for students?

"You can learn a lot from your curriculum, but maybe even more from reality."

Work on real challenges from real companies

On the Student Challenge Board, you can find real challenges from real companies & organisations that you can work on. Challenges are relevant and timely questions from companies on which they need a fresh perspective and your creative ideas. Challenges allow you to test your skills, flex your creative muscles, get in touch with companies & organisations, and test if a certain field of work suits you. Most of all, you will learn new things. Things about yourself, about work-life, and the different areas that might spark your interest.

quick and easy access

Test your skills and get in touch with interesting organisations
in 3 simple steps

The Student Challenge Board is an easy platform where you can find interesting challenges from companies & organisations. If you see a challenge that you like, submit your answer, and wait for the deadline. If your idea is selected, you will not only collect a reward but have the opportunity to discuss further action on your idea with the company or organisation that posted the challenge.

1. Pick a challenge

Select an interesting challenge from the board that sparks your creativity.

2. Solve the challenge

Think of a creative solution and submit it.

3. Discuss further action

The top contenders get a reward and the chance to meet the challenge owners in our (online) meetups.

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A different way to learn

Challenges are all about learning from reality. You work on the challenges you like, respond to as many challenges as you want, coming from any field. It's a way to learn how the skills you picked up during your studies work out in the real world. The challenge might also motivate you to develop new skills, explore interesting fields, and meet new people.

7 things you can get from your Student Challenge Board experience

Learn from real challenges that companies & organisations face.

Get in touch with companies & organisations and get to know them.

A challenge can be an ideal testing ground and a precursor to deeper collaboration.

An excellent way to use the spare time you have on your hands.

Become more visible to companies & organisations that you would like to work for.

Come up with new solutions for challenges in a fun and exciting way.

A chance to explore areas beyond your study or faculty. You can apply to any challenge, regardless of your background.

So, are you ready to step outside your box and collaborate with companies & organsisations in the region?

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public beta

Be among the first to experience the Student Challenge Board

We have been working on the Student Challenge Board for about a year now. We have developed it in close collaboration with students like you. Part of our way of working is that we test our service in public. We already did a first round of testing and have taken the learnings into the design. If you use the platform, you will not only get access to interesting businesses but also contribute to the development of the platform. With your input we can make this platform better together.