How does the Student Challenge Board work for companies & organisations?

"The easiest way to contact students is to pose an interesting challenge."

Tap into the brainpower of the smartest young people in the region

On the Student Challenge Board, you can quickly post challenges that you think might benefit from the fresh perspective and energy of our students. Challenges are questions, big or small, that need an outside view or questions for which you currently don't have the resources.

quick and easy access

Get fresh insights and new contacts in 3 simple steps

The Student Challenge Board is an easy platform where you can post a challenge the minute it pops up. Challenges will be visible to the 16.000+ students of Maastricht University. We'll help you formulate the question and organise follow-up meetings to get you in touch with students.

1. Create a challenge

Think of a problem you are facing and turn it into an engaging question. Send it to us and we'll help you get in on the platform.

2. Select the winners

Get fresh ideas from our students and select the best ones after the deadline.

3. Take further action

We organise and host (online) meetups to put you in touch with the winners and see if and how you can move forward together.

Discover a different way to work

Challenges are small bite-sized problems that could benefit from the input of students. Interesting ideas pop up all the time but you don't always have the time and resources to explore them. If you let a student or a group of students work on them, you will collect fresh ideas and get in touch with talent at the same time. A win-win situation.

Start the journey with a question

The journey to get in touch with promising students starts with a challenge. Start the conversation with an engaging question. You will have the opportunity to get in touch with the top students and that can be the start of an interesting collaboration. The solutions proposed by the students can be a great starting point to a conversation about the implementation of the fresh ideas.

6 things you can get from your Student Challenge Board experience

Learn from the fresh perspectives of students.

Get in touch with students and get to know them.

A challenge can be an ideal testing ground, a precursor to deeper collaboration.

Learn to think in challenges, small bite-sized pieces of work that can contribute to the innovation capacity of your company or organisation. It's an innovative way of getting things done.

Become more visible to UM students as a company.

Great solutions to your challenges in a fun way.

So, can you come up with an engaging challenge that would benefit your company or organisation and could enable you to get in touch with fresh talent?

Create a challenge
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Be among the first to experience the Student Challenge Board

We have been working on the Student Challenge Board for about a year now. We have developed it in close collaboration with businesses like yours. Part of our way of working is that we test our service in public. We already did a first round of testing and have taken the learnings into the design. If you use the platform, you will not only get access to fresh ideas but also contribute towards the development of the platform. With your input we can make this platform better together.