Student Challenge Board - an open platform

The Student Challenge Board is a platform free of academic regulation and limitation. An open area where students can experiment with their skills & interests, and learn from real life practices. A place where students are encouraged to discover new talents and are not limited by their 'box'. A podium where companies & organisations can gather fresh perspectives, meet young & talented people, and discover new ways to solve their challenges.


Feel free to step outside your comfort zone

Both student and professional life tends to unfold inside boxes. Faculties, study programmes, specialisations, and departments are necessary, but sometimes get in the way. Here, we want to create a space where students and companies & organisations can step outside their box and explore different opportunities next to their field of specialisation.


Students and organisations engage directly

Students want the contact to companies & organisations and companies & organisations want to get in touch with students. All kinds of barriers, real or imagined, make it hard for the two to interact directly. We aim to lower the threshold for contact on both sides, by allowing them to engage through open challenges.


Snack-sized challenges to get things started

Sometimes it's good to think big. Sometimes small is better. An ideal way for students and companies & organisations to get in touch is through small challenges. Solving something small is a stepping stone towards bigger projects and other ways of working together. A great way to get to know each other before you take things to the next level.

How can you benefit from the Student Challenge Board?


Expand your network

By offering you a platform to engage in small challengeswe facilitate encounters and make them as easy and comfortable as possible. For companies & organisations and students this can be a fun way to meet and a first step towards a more in-depth collaboration. We will arrange a meeting with the student that submitted the winning piece of work and the company or organisation that posted the challenge.


Engage with interesting people

Solving a challenge can be a great way to engage with interesting people. For companies & organisations this means meeting smart students with innovative ideas. For students this means getting to know more about interesting companies & organisations with engaging challenges. Seeing that connecting is central to our concept, we host Meetups where companies & organisations and students can interact around the challenges face-to-face. Check out our Meetup channel for dates.


Learn from one another

Students and companies & organisations can learn a lot from each other. Students get a feel for the professional world and and discover new talents, interests and motivations. They can learn about the real-world challenges that companies & organisations are facing and see how they can contribute with their skills and knowledge. Companies & organisations can get a fresh perspective on their challenges and benefit from the state-of-the art academic knowledge students bring.


Pick up new skills and ideas

Solving challenges boosts your confidence and makes you develop new skills. Who knows, you might just come up with the next brilliant break-through idea. For companies & organisations, the solutions from students can challenge them to see things in a different light and think differently.


Get rewarded for your effort

Apart from the ability to learn new things and connect to interesting people, we believe that adding a reward to the challenges creates the right focus. Companies & organisations are in it to create value and students should be rewarded for the time and energy they invest.

A win-win-win situation

Benefits for students

Students can get a taste for the professional world and build
their network.

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Benefits for organisations

Companies & organisations can get easy access to fresh perspectives and young talent.

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Benefits for the University

The platform is a way for the University to engage with companies & organisations and help students discover the value of their talents and expand their view of the world.

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Be among the first to experience the Student Challenge Board

We have been working on the Student Challenge Board for about a year now. We have developed it in close collaboration with people like you. Part of our way of working is that we test our service in public. We already did a first round of testing and have taken the learnings into the design. If you use the platform, you will not only get access to interesting people, but also contribute to the development of the platform. With your input we can make this platform better together.

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Become part of the Student Challenge Board community

The Student Challenge Board is more than a platform! It's a community with one goal: lowering the barrier between UM students and companies and organisations in the region that want to connect and learn from one-another. The Student Challenge Board platform is the community's hub, and in addition to that we:

- have a newsletter to update you every once in a while
- write the occasional blog post on Medium.
- organise meetups on Meetup
- are open for questions and remarks here:

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